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Pictures to take after a car accident

If you get involved in a car accident, taking pictures of the scene is very important. You may need to file an insurance claim, or you may even end up involved in a lawsuit as you try to seek compensation from the other driver. These pictures help to provide proof of what took place, especially combined with the police report from the scene.

You may only have one chance to take these pictures, as the police are going to clear the road and move the vehicles. So what pictures should you take?

Information exchange

For one thing, remember that you need to exchange contact information with the other driver. They may need to give you their insurance information, phone number and things of this nature. You can just take a picture of the paperwork, their driver’s license and the license plate on the car.

Capturing the scene

You also want to take pictures from far away that capture the entire accident scene. Step back from the road and get pictures that show the design of the road system and where the cars are positioned. Try to include any notable features, such as stoplights, stop signs, roundabouts, yield signs, pedestrian crosswalks and much more.

Injuries and damages

Finally, you do want to seek medical attention for anyone who has been injured. But it can also be helpful to take photographs of your injuries and the specific damage to the car. This provides documentation that those issues occurred in the crash.

Taking these pictures can help, but your case may still be complicated. Be sure you understand your legal options.