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January 2018 Archives

Why do motorcyclists have a harder time with crash claims?

Let's face it, unless you're an avid motorcyclist or know people who are part of this diverse culture, chances are good your image of motorcyclists isn't a great one. Shows like "Sons of Anarchy" and vintage films like "The Wild One" portray motorcyclists as leather-clad daredevils with little regard for the law.

What are the symptoms of whiplash after a car accident?

It can happen in a split-second. One minute you are patiently waiting at a stop sign or red light when suddenly, "Bam!" another car crashes into the rear end of yours. Unfortunately, rear-end collisions are relatively common in Houma and nationwide. However, this doesn't mean the victims of rear-end collisions will not suffer serious injuries in the crash, including whiplash.

3 ways insurance companies avoid compensating victims

If you have suffered an injury in a car accident, your first concern should be seeking medical care and ensuring you make a full recovery. In addition to this, you may also worry about repairing or replacing your car and addressing issues such as lost wages and future damages. An insurance company will likely approach you under the guise of helping you resolve these issues. 

Chemical burn injuries can have long-lasting effects

People in Houma can be exposed to dangerous chemicals in a variety of ways. They may work at jobs which involve handling dangerous chemicals, or they may even be exposed to dangerous chemicals in the home, for example, in certain cleaning agents. However, should a person be negligently exposed to a dangerous chemical and suffer a chemical burn, the situation can be very serious.

What are some common causes of motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycling is a fun activity for many in Louisiana. Whether they only take their bikes out for the occasional scenic ride or whether their motorcycle is their primary means of transportation, motorcycling is a good way for bikers to travel Louisiana's streets and highways.

Brain injuries often go beyond a mere bump on the head

Whether one slips on a wet floor in a grocery store, plays a high-impact sport or falls off a ladder at work, a brain injury can change one's life forever. In fact, when it comes to brain injury recovery, it could take months or even years for a person to regain their former health, if they do at all. Therefore, it is important for people in Louisiana to understand just how far-reaching a brain injury can be.

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