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Why burn injuries often lead to personal injury lawsuits

Advances in modern medicine have improved the prognosis for those with burn injuries. Not that long ago, severe burns covering a significant portion of someone’s body were likely to prove fatal. However, improved interventions and medical support now mean that more people survive even with extensive, higher-degree burn injuries.

Incidents at work, product failures and car crashes could all leave someone in the hospital healing from severe burns. Oftentimes, these individuals focus primarily on their physical recovery and might only start worrying about practical issues later. Unfortunately, some people realize after sustaining extensive burn injuries that insurance may not be sufficient given the extent of their losses.

Why are burn injuries so expensive?

If someone carries a basic motor vehicle liability insurance policy, the bodily injury coverage available might not be enough to cover the cost of immediate trauma care for significant burn injuries. Some drivers carry as little as $15,000 in such coverage. That same limited amount of coverage also theoretically applies to Future medical costs and lost wages.

Many people require some degree of ongoing medical care for the rest of their lives to manage pain or help address the secondary consequences of the scars and traumatic injuries caused by extensive burns. They may also need to account for a reduction in their lifetime earning potential. They may come to the uncomfortable realization that insurance is inadequate given the scope of their losses. They must then look into their other options for compensation.

How personal injury lawsuits help

When insurance is unavailable or insufficient, a personal injury lawsuit can be an appropriate solution. Litigation can lead to the courts awarding someone full compensation for the costs of their injuries, including reimbursement for medical expenses and lost income.

The average person coping with the consequences of a debilitating injury, like extensive burns, may struggle to advocate for themselves when talking to insurance companies or navigating the civil court system. People may require support to establish the long-term financial impact of their injuries and effectively pursue compensation for them.

Recognizing that serious burn injuries can cost far more than what insurance may cover can help people evaluate their options when recovering from a recent injurious incident. Those who understand the limits of insurance and the rules for personal injury lawsuits may be in a better position to advocate for themselves after a crash caused by another’s negligence.