Your Advocate In Serious Injury Claims

Turn to your hometown legal advocate after a motorcycle wreck

With more businesses being cleared to open back up, we will soon see more traffic on the roads. For motorcycle enthusiasts here in South Louisiana, that can be a harbinger of danger.

It’s quite understandable why a motorcyclist suffers far more damage after a dust-up with a motorist. While riding a big two-wheeled cycle is lots of fun and may make you look like a “tough biker,” the reality is that you are incredibly vulnerable to serious injuries and even death.

What is also concerning is the almost callous disregard that some drivers appear to have regarding the rights of bikers to share the roads with them. Whether it’s conscious or not, some drivers don’t seem to even notice a motorcyclist approaching.

While it may be easy to understand why accidents happen, none of that makes it more palatable to live with the repercussions of a motorcycle accident.

But if there can be any silver lining whatsoever in a motorcycle wreck, it is that under Louisiana law, you have the right to hold all negligent parties liable for your injuries, damages and other losses.

We are here to help you do just that. There’s no need to retain a big-city law firm when we are your neighbors right here in Terrebonne Parish. We can take civil action to hold negligent motorists accountable, In fact, since most personal injury cases settle out of court, you will likely never even have to go to court at all. We will negotiate with the driver’s insurance company to see that you get the most lucrative settlement possible.