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Which color cars are safest?

Car color matters to a lot of people. For example, Paris Hilton is unlikely to have randomly chosen to drive a pink car, nor a host of other celebrities their black cars. Others just accept whatever color is available for the right price and condition. Yet how many people make safety a factor when choosing a car’s color Research shows the color of your car can play a big role in keeping you safe

In short, the easier it is for other drivers to see you, the less likely they are to run into you. So what colors are most visible?

White might not be exciting, but it’s safe

While it might seem a boring choice to many or seem like it will be hard to keep clean, it’s one of the easiest shades to spot.

Yellow or orange is probably even better

These two colors help to highlight your presence on the road. That is why many emergency service providers favor them and they are the standard colors for high-visibility vests on construction workers and other people who have to be near traffic.

Rare colors can help, too

Some cars turn heads, and while you might not want to be the center of attention, it can help you stay safe. Someone is far more likely to notice you in a custom gold, bright pink or neon green car than if you are driving one of a shade chosen by many other owners.

That said, some drivers could hit and injure you regardless because they are not paying attention to the road in the first place. Thankfully, you will have legal options if that occurs.