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5 bad driving habits that lead to accidents

Many drivers would say that they’re safe and responsible if asked. Some drivers may even say they’re better now than they were when they first earned their licenses. 

While many drivers were once safe, people can develop bad habits that increase the chance of auto accidents. Here are a few you should avoid:

Speeding up during a yellow light

Most drivers hate sitting at a red light. If they see that a light is turning yellow, they may be inclined to speed up to beat the light. However, some drivers will misjudge their timing and end up driving through a red light. As a result, the other lane of traffic could travel through the light and crash into the speeding vehicle. 

Turn signal negligence

Drivers should turn on their signals to indicate that they’re changing lanes or streets. However, some occasionally forget to turn on their signals, which makes it harder for other people to know the turning driver’s intention. A driver may cause an accident because of their negligence when indicating they’re turning.

Using a phone

Phones can be extremely distracting. A distraction while driving can cause road users to look away from the road and take their hands off the wheel. Even just a second of distracted driving can lead to auto accidents.

Adjusting the mirrors

Some drivers forget to adjust their mirrors after someone else has been in the driver’s seat. By the time they realize this and adjust their mirrors, they’re often already on the road. The act of adjusting a mirror can take concentration away from driving, which can lead to a distracted driving accident. 

Ignoring blind spots

Many drivers forget or are unaware that their vehicles have blind spots. A blind spot is an area where vehicles can’t be seen in a side mirror. A road user who isn’t cautious about checking their blind spots may try turning into a lane that another vehicle occupies, causing an accident.

The wrong driving habit can lead to serious and fatal injuries. You may need to understand what legal steps to take should you suffer injuries or losses after an auto accident.