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What is dooring and how do you prevent it?

People may be more likely to suffer severe and fatal injuries in an accident while riding a bike than driving a car. This happens because drivers in minor accidents are often cushioned by airbags and secured to their seats. However, cyclists don’t have such protective tools. The only thing, typically, preventing injuries to cyclists is their helmet and any wearable padding, but these can’t always prevent injuries in a serious accident.

Because vehicles and bikes typically share the same space, it’s often the drivers’ job to be proactive to avoid causing serious injuries to cyclists. One such type of accident that people in vehicles cause to cyclists is “dooring.” 

Dooring happens when someone opens their car door in the path of a cyclist. Cyclists often don’t have enough time to avoid opening doors, which can become sudden and unexpected obstacles. As a result, cyclists can collide with doors and be thrown off their bikes, leading to severe and even fatal accidents.

People in vehicles can help prevent dooring accidents by using the “Dutch Reach” technique. Here’s what you should know:

Using the “Dutch Reach” to prevent accidents

The Dutch reach technique is a simple method to prevent dooring accidents. It begins when a driver reaches for their door. Many people often use the closest hand to open their doors, which can lead to dooring accidents. 

People can, instead, use the hand furthest from the door when opening it. This action turns the body slightly and allows the person to see if there are any oncoming cyclists, preventing traumatic accidents.

Not enough people know about the Dutch Reach technique. Many cyclists suffer from dooring accidents every year and often have to learn their legal options to get compensated for their injuries.