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3 things drivers must watch for this fall

Driving in autumn can feel like a celebration of natural beauty as trees turn vibrant hues and the air takes on a crisp feeling. For many, the season offers some of the most enjoyable driving conditions of the year.

While getting lost in the scenery is easy, it’s crucial to remember that this season poses specific hazards that require a driver’s full attention. The goal is to keep everyone safer on the road.

1. Watch out for wildlife

Autumn is a time when many animals are on the move, either for migration or to stock up on food before winter. This increased activity means you’re more likely to encounter wildlife dashing into the road. Always stay alert, especially when animals are most active at dawn and dusk. Slow down in known wildlife crossing areas and watch for any movement on the road’s edges.

2. Falling leaves and yard clippings can be dangerous for motorcyclists

For motorcyclists, the falling leaves and yard clippings that come with autumn can pose serious hazards. Leaves on the road can obscure lines and other road markers, which makes it hard to gauge lanes and curves. When these leaves get wet, they can create slippery conditions that make it easier to lose control. Yard clippings, like leaves and small branches, present similar challenges.

3. Don’t underestimate the impact of increased darkness

One often-overlooked aspect of driving in autumn is the increase in dark driving hours. As the days grow shorter, drivers find themselves navigating the roads in the dark more often. This can make it more challenging to spot obstacles, other vehicles or pedestrians.

Unfortunately, even the safest driver or pedestrian can be struck by a driver who isn’t being as safe. Seeking medical care right away and pursuing a compensation claim may help these innocent victims.