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Safety tips for trikes on the roadways

Riding a trike can be a liberating experience that offers a sense of freedom combined with the stability of three wheels instead of two. While trikes are gaining popularity for recreational use and commuting, sharing the road with larger, faster vehicles can present unique challenges.

Remaining safe on the road is a top priority for trike drivers. Anyone who’s ready to hit the road on a trike should remember these safety points.

Visibility is your best friend on the road

Trikes are generally lower to the ground and less visible than cars and trucks. This makes taking extra precautions to increase your visibility while riding is crucial. Consider installing reflectors or LED lights on your trike, and always wear high-visibility clothing, especially if you plan to ride during dawn, dusk or at night. Brightly colored flags can also help other road users see you.

Master the art of defensive riding

Defensive riding is essential when you’re on a trike. Always be aware of your surroundings, anticipate the actions of other drivers and be prepared to react accordingly. Avoid riding in their blind spots. Also, because trikes can be wider than motorcycles, make sure you’re aware of your space and avoid narrow lanes or roadways with frequent stops that could make it hard to navigate your trike.

There’s a chance that you may be struck by another driver, even if you’re driving as safely as possible. Victims of crashes should ensure they get proper medical care right away. They may also opt to pursue a compensation claim to help offset the financial damages related to the crash.