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Why motorcycle collisions are often extremely expensive

Any motor vehicle collision could potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, motorcycle crashes are often some of the most expensive wrecks that occur. Riders are often very careful to operate their bikes in ways that promote their safety. They carefully comply with traffic laws and expect that others will do the same.

Unfortunately, those in enclosed motor vehicles sometimes take their safety for granted and do things that increase their risk of a wreck. An injured motorcycle rider seeking compensation after a crash caused by someone in a larger vehicle may find that the expenses from the crash exceed what insurance will pay. Most of the time, it is the following factors that tend to make motorcycle collisions so costly.

The severity of the injuries possible

Enclosed motor vehicles have numerous built-in safety systems intended to protect occupants should have crash occur. Motorcycles offer next to no protection. Brain injuries, amputations, spinal cord injuries and severe fractures are all possible after a car-motorcycle crash.

Medical expenses could very well add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The treatment people require could cost almost $200,000 during the first four years after the collision. Some of those costs will continue for the rest of someone’s life. Those injuries could very easily prevent someone from continuing to work. Even if they do go back to work, they may no longer be able to work in the same profession. Their loss of earning potential could have a catastrophic impact on their economic stability.

Vehicle replacement costs

Unlike larger vehicles, which mechanics can often repair after a crash, motorcycles will frequently be unsalvageable after collisions. Once a motorcycle has been down on the pavement, it may not be safe to ever ride that motorcycle again. Therefore, it may be necessary to purchase a replacement motorcycle. Depending on the make and model of the motorcycle involved, the price tag could be similar to or even higher than the cost of replacing a small enclosed motor vehicle.

In theory, a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim following a motorcycle collision should help someone fully cover the costs created by the wreck. Many times, these cases involve litigation because the basic insurance policy of the driver at fault is insufficient given the scope of the damages that occur. Putting an accurate price on the cost generated by a motorcycle collision can help the person involved or their family members pursue an appropriate amount of compensation with the assistance of a skilled legal advocate.