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4 simple ways to protect your claim after a vehicle accident

It is perfectly natural to assume you will receive appropriate compensation after suffering injuries in a vehicle accident. Unfortunately, many victims have learned the hard way that accident claims do not always provide fair injury restitution.

Anything from a poorly worded statement to a lack of documentation can threaten your due compensation. The following tips can safeguard your claim and are easy to implement.

Seek medical attention

Even if you feel it is unnecessary, see a doctor right away to rule out severe injuries (brain damage, etc.) that may not show symptoms right away. Getting medical attention early on may improve your recovery and provide you with critical medical evidence to include with your claim.

Limit your communications

You should report the accident to the involved insurance companies as soon as possible, but be cautious when communicating with them. Provide only the basic information required and avoid making recorded or written statements. Do not say anything that could be interpreted as an admission of fault.

Gather more evidence

As mentioned, medical records support accident claims substantially, but additional evidence can strengthen your case further. Get a copy of the police report the responding officer filed and see if anyone in the area witnessed the collision and is willing to make a statement on your behalf.

Seek legal guidance

You face many possible pitfalls when seeking fair compensation for your car accident injuries. A review of your case by an experienced legal representative may help to ensure you receive the award you deserve. It also allows you to discover the full range of damages you may be entitled to under Louisiana accident and injury laws.