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3 kinds of traumatic brain injuries caused by auto accidents

Millions of auto accidents happen every year and victims often have to seek medical attention for their injuries.

One of the most dangerous places to suffer an injury is the head. While cars are equipped with airbags, they often are not enough to protect from every kind of injury. Here are a few traumatic brain injuries people suffer from in car crashes:

1. Concussions

One of the most common kinds of head injuries is a concussion. A concussion can happen when the head suffers a blow, which can cause the brain to shake around and release chemicals. These chemicals and the violent rattling can cause victims to suffer dizziness, confusion and pain. A severe concussion can cause a victim to black out and experience memory loss.

2. Brain swelling and bleeding

After an auto accident, if the head suffers a strike and the brain is hurt, it could develop a bruise or cerebral herniation. Unlike a bruise on, for example, an elbow that hurts but will go away in a few days, a brain bruise is dangerous. The bruise could swell and put pressure on the skull and brain. The bruise could even burst and bleed. The bleeding could damage brain cells and tissues, which can cause permanent damage to the victim.

3. Skull fractures

Some injuries to the head can be so strong that the skull can break. A skull fracture can cause cracks in the bone, leave impressions or penetrate the skull. A penetrating head wound could endanger the victim if the skull fragments or penetrating objects harm the brain.

Managing a traumatic brain injury alone can be stressful. Victims may need to learn about their legal options to discover what they can do about their medical fees and future care.