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4 mistakes drivers make after car accidents

A car crash can be sudden and many victims won’t know what to do afterward. While there are many things that drivers should do after an accident, it’s often what drivers mistakenly do that leads to issues when seeking compensation.

Here are a few mistakes to avoid after a car accident:

1. Not calling the police

It’s important to call the police after a car accident so that an accident report can be made. This report is used by insurance companies to determine fault. It’s also important to call the police if someone is hurt or fatally injured. Leaving an auto accident where someone died can lead to serious legal charges, fines and incarceration.

2. Keeping the car in the middle of traffic

Many auto accidents happen in the middle of the road. Leaving a car in the middle of the road could cause other drivers to crash, causing a pile-up accident. It may be best for a driver to move their vehicles to a safe location, such as on the side of the road, provided doing so will not endanger them further.

3. Skipping medical attention

A paramedic should arrive at the scene of the accident. Many people don’t seek medical attention after a car accident because their adrenaline is masking injuries. Drivers should still consider getting a medical report in case there are any hidden injuries.

4. Forgetting to take pictures of the accident

Taking pictures of a car accident may not be necessary, but that doesn’t mean that pictures won’t help when seeking a fair settlement offer. Drivers may want to consider taking detailed photos of the accident. These photos may include damages done to each vehicle, injuries, location of the accident and anything else that would seem relevant.

Victims of auto accidents may need to learn about their legal rights as they explore their compensation options.