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Louisiana motorcyclists face outsized road challenges and risks

No reasonable motorist in Louisiana or elsewhere can – or ever should – harbor a view that motorcyclists are second-class citizens when out in traffic with other drivers.

The bottom line on that is clear and underscored by one legal source discussing motor vehicle accidents involving motorcyclists. That overview stresses that bikers command “all of the same rights … as other types of vehicles on the road.”

Candidly, that’s just a given, right? Yet even so, sobering empirical data from many sources routinely highlight how comparatively dangerous American streets, highways and other roadways are for motorcycle riders and their passengers.

Here is an obvious point, and one that is sadly emphasized by adverse real-world outcomes time and again: The motorcycling demographic in Louisiana and nationally is vulnerable to risk and injury to a startling degree.

Spotlighting road risks and injury outcome for motorcyclists

Bike-linked accident statistics are well vetted and incoming from myriad entities. One especially authoritative source is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Here are a few key NHTSA takeaways relevant to 2018 (more current statistics still pending) concerning bike-linked catastrophic and fatal injuries:

  • Nearly 5,000 motorcyclist fatalities across the country
  • Bikers “about 28 times as likely as passenger car occupants to die in a motor vehicle traffic crash”
  • Motorcycles comprise only 3% of all vehicles, yet bike deaths account for about 14% of all road fatalities

Readers who think those dire numbers might not closely reflect motorcycle accident/injury realities on a Louisiana-only basis will want to reconsider after contemplating the following data from a recent year.

Culled evidence from 2017 showed this: Louisiana was on an unenvied “Top-10” list of states with the highest motorcyclist fatalities measured by bike registration. Louisiana had nearly 100 motorcycle deaths that year.

Purposeful action a crash victim can take in the wake of an accident

The road to recovery for a Louisiana motorcyclist injured because of another motorist’s negligent actions (or for surviving loved ones of a fatally injured individual) might reasonably commence with a visit to a proven personal injury attorney.

A dedicated and results-oriented legal team will diligently pursue a claim outcome that fully establishes accountability and seeks maximum compensation for harms suffered. A meaningful recovery will focus upon the following and additional matters:

  • Incurred medical costs and future care outlays
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering

As stressed above, motorcyclists command strong legal rights in the wake of injuries tied to third-party negligence. A compassionate and experienced legal advocate can help secure them.