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2 reasons to seek full compensation for accident-related burns

Not many people associate burn injuries with car accidents, but they occur more than you may think. In vehicle collisions that cause an explosion or fire, the risk of suffering serious and perhaps extensive burns is often high.

Complications, such as infection and organ dysfunction, can interfere with burn rehabilitation, prolonging your pain and delaying recovery. However, pressing for maximum compensation may improve your ability to recover, and here are a few reasons why.

1. Rehabilitation and treatment are expensive

Although minor burns may resolve without comprehensive therapy, severe wounds nearly always require expensive medical treatments. For extremely large and deep burns, specialized procedures like skin grafting, surgery and ongoing physical rehabilitation may be necessary.

Appropriate burn treatment can help to prevent complications, but you must ensure your accident claim makes clear your medical needs and covers their costs.

2. Burns can pose psychological hardships

Of course, you can expect to endure many physical challenges during your burn injury rehabilitation, but your mental health may also need treatment. Many burn patients struggle with often debilitating psychological effects in the aftermath of catastrophic accident injuries, including:

  • Persistent low self-esteem
  • Long-term sleep problems
  • Depression or pervasive sadness
  • Chronic fear and anxiety
  • Loss of life enjoyment

In Louisiana, you may qualify for pain and suffering damages in addition to damages that address your economic losses. That means you could be entitled to extra compensation if your burns cause emotional distress or significantly reduce your quality of life.