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4 common hazards motorcyclists face

Motorcyclists in Louisiana have the unique ability to enjoy riding most of the year thanks to the state’s mild winters. Yet, before you ride your motorcycle, you should consider that there are very specific hazards that you face that aren’t often critical for other motorists.

One of the most important things to do while you’re riding is to keep your helmet on. Not only is this a crucial safety point, it’s also the law. You should also ensure that you wear other proper safety gear that can protect you if you’re involved in a crash caused by any of these hazards or any other challenges that you may encounter when traveling.

Motorists failing to yield the right of way

Some motorists don’t always yield the right of way to motorcyclists when they should. In crashes involving another vehicle and a motorcycle, the motorist is more likely to have caused the crash. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that in approximately 35% of vehicle-motorcycle crashes, the motorist involved failed to yield the right of way. The motorcyclist failed to yield the right of way in only 4% of these crashes.

Poor quality roadways

Motorcycles don’t handle well on roads that have potholes and other defects. Motorcyclists can lose control on these roads, and they may have to swerve to get around large areas of poor quality road surface. This puts them at greater risk of being struck by other motorists.

Yard debris in the road

Leaves and grass clippings in the road make the surface slippery for motorcycles. Some note that this kind of surface is akin to an icy roadway for motorcyclists. As a result, motorcyclists must vigilantly watch for grass clippings or leaves in their path.

Drivers who are not watching for motorcycles

Drivers may fail to watch for motorcycles, especially during the winter. This might be because they assume motorcycles won’t be out during the winter months.

Any motorcyclist who’s involved in a wreck with another vehicle will likely need to seek urgent medical care, which can be costly. Seeking compensation after a crash is possible if a wreck was the result of another party’s negligence.