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Avoid causing a car accident — wait to respond to that text

Cell phones can do so much these days. Gone are the days where people used a simple cellphone just to make a phone call. Now we can use our cellphones to make phone calls, send text messages, check our social media accounts, take photographs and so much more. It is a wonderful advent in technology, but unfortunately the use of a cellphone while driving is an increasing danger on the roads of Louisiana and across the nation.

One recent study performed by AAA indicates that texting and driving and other distracted driving behaviors pose a greater threat to motorists than driving while intoxicated or driving aggressively. In the study, 45 percent of respondents reported reading text messages while behind the wheel, and 35 percent of respondents reported sending text messages while driving.

These numbers are concerning, because there is a greater awareness these days of the dangers of texting and driving. Most motorists understand that such behaviors are against the law and can lead to car accidents, but some motorists continue to engage in texting and driving anyways. Unfortunately, this bad decision can lead to a car crash that causes serious injuries or even fatalities.

Motorists have a duty of care to drive reasonably under the circumstances. Texting and driving generally breaches this duty. Should this breach cause a car accident that injures or kills another person, that motorist may be held liable for the crash. It may seem very tempting to answer or send a text message received while driving, but nothing is more important than the safety of yourself and all other people on the road. That text message can wait.

Distracted driving takes many forms these days, including texting and driving. Unfortunately, some people will read or send a text message while driving, even if they know doing so is dangerous. However, doing so takes their eyes and attention off the road, which could lead to car accidents. If a driver causes an accident that injures or kills another person due to texting and driving, that driver may be held legally responsible for the accident.

Source:, “Distracted driving worse than any other road risk, study says,” March 29, 2018