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Louisiana struggles with hit-and-run fatalities

According to relatively recent statistics, Louisiana unfortunately ranks among the top 10 states in terms of the number of fatal hit-and-run accidents. Per 100,000 residents, Louisiana has close to 2 fatal hit-and-runs. By contrast, the state with the least number of fatal hit-and-runs experiences a rate of .19 per 100,000 residents.

Overall, fatal hit-and-run accidents are a growing problem across the country The last year statistics were available, 2016, there were 2,046 hit-and-run fatalities across the country. This is the highest the number has been since a government agency started tracking it back in 1975. Moreover, it represents a 35 percent increase over the 2012 number and a 60 percent increase over the figure from 2009.

Those with expertise in the matter are not exactly sure what is causing this alarming increase, as there could be a variety of economic and other forces in play. However, it is established that among these victims, the vast majority, over 2 out of 3, are either pedestrians or bicyclists.

It is, after all, usually easier for a motorist to drive away after striking a smaller object as opposed to another heavy motor vehicle.

Another sad fact is that, even in the event of fatal accidents, hit-and-run drivers rarely get brought to justice. Overall, only 1 in 100 drivers get caught; after a fatal accident, 2 our of 3 drivers still manage to get away.

There are certain special legal issues that families who have lost loved ones to fatal hit-and-run accidents need to be mindful of when pursuing their wrongful death claims. For instance, since it may not be possible to identify the responsible party, the family may have to seek other avenues for recovery of compensation. This will oftentimes require professional legal assistance.