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Spring driving in south Louisiana can be dangerous

Although we who live in south Louisiana are blessed with having relatively mild winters with no snow or ice, when springtime rolls around, driving can become very hazardous.

It’s a lovely time to take a drive in the country and look at all the blooming flowers, but you want to be very aware of the following springtime road hazards.

Spring rains bring flooded roads

The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) blamed rainy conditions for 46% of the weather-related auto accidents from 2005 to 2014. Also, in general, wet pavement accounted for 73% of wrecks during that same period.

When the roads get wet and slippery, it’s much harder to control your vehicle. The distance needed to stop can increase by four times the amount. Large puddles reduce traction and can cause drivers to hydroplane.

Puddles also can hide potholes

South Louisiana is unfortunately known for its cavernous potholes. When these fill with water, they can be harder to identify as potholes. Hitting a big pothole hard at a high speed can cause motorists to lose control and crash.

Animal activity increases in the spring

After a winter’s hibernation, animals emerge from their subterranean dens to forage for food and find mates. While smaller creatures may just wind up as unsightly roadkill, hitting a deer or other large animal can total your car and cause you and your passenger to suffer serious injuries.

Seek justice after a springtime accident

If you suffer injuries in a collision with another at-fault motorist, you need to know and understand your rights to pursue compensation for your injuries and other damages.