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Wrongful death lawsuit filed following tow truck driver’s death

Oftentimes, many people in Houma assume that accidents that result in fatalities are fairly cut-and-dry: one person’s negligence (whether intentional or not) results in the death of the another. Yet in many cases, things are rarely that simple. 

It often takes the collective contributions of many people to cause an accident. Thus, when those impacted by an unexpected fatality seek legal action through a wrongful death lawsuit, they may have many party to choose from when assigning liability. Or they may simply cite the responsibility of all of those involved. 

Multiple parties named in wrongful death lawsuit

For an example of the latter scenario, one need look no further than a recent wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of a deceased South Carolina tow truck driver. The local CBS News affiliate states that he arrived to assist a man whose car had broken down while crossing a local bridge. He pulled his tow truck directly behind the stalled vehicle, and a law enforcement officer subsequently pulled his vehicle behind the tow truck to assist. 

While the party was assisting the stalled vehicle, a man driving a pickup truck crashed into the stopped police car, which pushed that vehicle into both the tow truck as well as its driver and the police officer. The officer sustained serious injuries in the accident; the collision forced the tow truck driver over the bridge and into the water below. He later died from his injuries. The lawsuit filed on his behalf names both private parties involved (along with the state’s Department of Transportation) as defendants. 

Seeking compensation for a wrongful death

Some might think seeking compensation following a wrongful death to be vindictive, yet typically those seeking such action are simply trying to deal with the financial impact the loss causes. Professional legal assistance during such a process may be beneficial.