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The true dangers of fireworks

Residents of Louisiana should be aware of the damages and injuries that can be caused by fireworks. The best fireworks experience is a public display, which is safer than lighting fireworks at home. The most common fireworks injuries include eye and hand burns, but severe injuries could result in death.

Fireworks-related injuries

Burn injuries are the most common injuries from fireworks. Minor burns on the hand or arm will cause pain and reddening on the skin. However, there are severe burns where damage will extend beneath your skin. These severe burns also cause blisters.

Fireworks can also result in eye injuries. The injuries can be minor burns or severe ones that can lead to blindness. Once fireworks explode, they result in flying projectiles that can pierce your eyes. When handling fireworks, it is recommended that you wear goggles. In case of an eye injury, you are advised to get to a hospital.

Treating fireworks injuries

Minor injuries are often treated with over-the-counter medicine, but severe injuries require emergency treatment. Apart from burn injuries, fireworks can also cause lacerations or fracture your hands. Lacerations are deep cuts that result in torn tendons. When you suffer such injuries, ensure that you seek emergency treatment. Avoid bending the injured hand. Additionally, get rid of any jewelry and cover the lacerated hand.

Firework safety

Do not allow your children to use or light fireworks. When you visit public fireworks display, stand 500 feet from the explosions. If you must light fireworks at home, ensure that you are close to water to extinguish them.

Have you suffered fireworks-related injuries caused by another person’s negligence? You may want to consult an attorney to file a compensation claim.