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The severity of accidents caused by truck debris

Truck debris can appear at any time and on any road. Drivers in Louisiana should know that not all road debris is easy to avoid hitting and may result in certain types of accidents.

What type of truck debris causes accidents?

Most debris on major roads is small enough to pass by without causing motor vehicle accidents. In rare cases, there is large debris, such as tires and wheels, that could damage your vehicle or cause an accident.

In the most dangerous situations, a tire or wheel flies off a truck while it is traveling at high speeds. A heavy metal wheel could crash into the windshield of another vehicle, causing a severe head injury to the driver. In some cases, a struck driver or passenger is killed. In other cases, the driver’s view is obstructed temporarily, and he or she crashes into another vehicle, person or object.

Types of collisions

A piece of flying debris may cause a driver to brake suddenly, resulting in a rear collision. The driver behind the car is not given enough time to stop and crashes into the back of the vehicle. In addition, a driver who swerves severely to the side may cause a side collision with another vehicle. A head-on collision may occur if the windshield view is temporarily blocked due to debris.

Protect yourself and assets from truck debris

A flying wheel accident does not occur often, but when it does, it could cause severe bodily injuries or death. Truck parts could fall apart on vehicles that are not properly repaired or maintained. In cases where the accident is the truck driver’s or company’s fault, the courts may work in favor of injured drivers.