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Caring for someone with a brain injury

Many people suffer from traumatic brain injuries after car accidents. If you are caring for a loved one in Louisiana who is dealing with this type of injury, it’s important to have some tips to help.

Educate yourself about brain injuries

Learning as much as possible about the type of TBI your loved one has is crucial. It can help you to better understand what they’re going through and about the injury itself. Knowing how the TBI affects them on a daily basis can help you empathize and have more patience. Reach out to their doctor and read up about the injury.

Give them structure

A person with a TBI needs structure in their everyday life. It can help them develop a predictable routine and give them fewer challenges when they have to accomplish something. This also gives you the opportunity to help them become disciplined as they learn to cope with their life after the brain injury.

Communicate clearly and firmly, but patiently

It’s important to be clear and firm when you communicate with your loved one. However, at the same time, you should always be patient when they have a TBI. Don’t get upset if you have to repeat yourself and if they don’t always understand you. Brain injuries can be complex, so it’s possible for your loved one to have their good days and their bad days.

Remain patient even when they express frustration and impatience. It’s normal for individuals left with TBIs after car accidents to have bursts of irritability and mood swings. Just be there for them and support them.

Write notes for them

Writing notes for people with TBIs is one of the best ways to help them remember important tasks or obligations. You can keep a notebook for them or even leave post-its in easily accessible places for them to see. Brain injuries affect memory, so this can be very helpful in allowing your loved one to regain their independence.