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Can you prevent car accident injuries?

A car accident can be the result of any drive or ride you take in a vehicle. But instead of viewing the open road as a battlefield, you can seek new ways to build up your arsenal of safe driving skills that may minimize the effects of a crash.

You can try these three tactics and practices to help prevent car crash injuries:

1.       Wear a seat belt

Many modern cars will alert you if you don’t click your seat belt while in the driver’s seat. But as a passenger, you might forget the importance of clicking your seat belt if an obnoxious alert doesn’t sound. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that when front seat riders and drivers wear a seat belt, they can reduce the risk of a fatal car crash injury by almost 50%. In 2016 alone, about 15,000 people survived a car crash because of buckling up. But, at the same time, 2,500 people lost their lives because they didn’t wear a seat belt. Seat belts may prevent your next drive from becoming your last. Plus, they can allow air bags to help you rather than harm you.

2.       Fix your posture

Sitting up straight throughout your whole drive is an essential tactic to reduce injuries in the event of a crash. In fact, mindful posture can help protect you against repercussions of a whiplash — a common rear-end car crash injury. Positioning your body in an upright position and adjusting your head rest to line up with the top of your head will help you have the cushioning of your seat to fall back on.

3.       Eliminate distractions

Since car accidents can happen at the hands of another driver, sometimes there isn’t much you can do to stop them. So, if you ever do have a choice between safer behavior or of an unsafe one, then you shouldn’t hesitate to take the safest route. Cutting out distracting habits behind the wheel, like using your cell phone, is one easy way to increase your focus and decrease your chance of becoming hurt in a collision.

Car accident victims who face minor or severe injuries can work with an experienced personal injury attorney to find out what kind of compensation they might be eligible to receive.